We are very proud to release the second instalment of Sonder. Introducing the true Mother of Dragons- Wales!

Prepare yourself for an audiovisual adventure that captures the very essence of what it means to be Welsh. Let us transport you across some of the most breathtaking scenery this small country has to offer. Travel back in time through a history so rich that its remains continue to litter its landscape with some of Europe's most iconic castles. Explore the magic of storytelling through a people so passionately woven together by traditions full of love that it will set your heart on fire! Whether you believe in magic or not, we can guarantee the wonderful people that call this place home will have you under their spell by the end of this short film.  Until then, sit back, relax, and above all, discover CYMRU!                             Music created by the very talented Denis Kilty Music

This project was filmed over 7 days, driving a Lexus NX on an epic road trip through the heart and around the edges of Wales. Check out some of the highlights from the trip in these short daily behind the scenes videos.